Basic Triangular Figure Assistance

Hello, I’m fairly new to blender and run into a bit of a confusing situation.

I’m currently trying to model a 3D figure that resembles this:

How would I go about creating something like this made with 3d cylindrical arms in almost resemblance of a:

thank you guys for your help.

My Attempts:

  1. I stumbled into an error in trying to model it with a rectangle but that did not pan out well seeing is it became more complex to found the edges even with bevel and modifying the surface shape.
  2. In extruding the original rectangle figure, it was blocky and not cylindrical at all.

Start by adding circle, 3 sides. Extrude Z a bit ( this is for Bevel tool Ctrl-b to work). Select corner vertical edges and Ctrl-b bevel; scroll mouse to give more subdivisions.
Delete extruded part - you need just edges, one triangle.
In Object mode Alt-C convert to curve, set type Bezier on T panel. Fill: Full, Bevel depth - .06, Resolution - 3. Add Subsurf mod, set smooth on T panel. Convert back to mesh; look for Preview resolution before to not make it gazillion of verts - 3 to 5 is good instead of default 12.