Basic use: running an installed script

I’ve found five different tutorials attempting to explain how to run an installed script. Installing the script in the first place was an uphill battle, so I imagine running it will be an epic struggle, right? Anyhow, I’ve installed an export script, and I’d just like to use it to get a model into another format. If it matters, blender version is 2.6, OS is windows 7 64 bit, python version is 3.1.3 (do I need to upgrade?), and experience level is “Oh no I’ve messed up the GUI again” :(, and the script in question is I know that I should take the time to learn all of the minutia of blender’s interface, but the community has created so many wonderful models already-they just need to be exported.

If its just a python script, open it in a blender text editor and press the ‘Run Script’ button
If its an addon, enable it in the File / User Preferences / Addons panel.
If its an exporter you should then see the export option in the File / Export menu
Addons wiki entry:

It’s exactly what I showed you, I’m not sure how to distinguish between a script, add-on, exporter, or what have you.
Also that’s a 2.5 page, does it actually apply to 2.6? I don’t have the folders they specified (should I make them?)