Basic walk cycle request, already rigged

Can someone please rig this low-poly character for me?

You will get much credits and I will be you very thankfull! :slight_smile:

Your rig is a bit rough, also your arms are separate from the body, and I really couldn’t tell which was the front, so I just assumed the direction the knees bent in was the front.

If you let me know what this will be used for I might be able to help you fix it up a bit to be more flexible. But for now heres a basic walk cycle:

Edit: i forgot to change the interpolation mode of the keyframes before uploading so it looks like he walks with a limp. On the action editor hit A to deselect everything. then B select the all the keyframes at frame 23. hit T, and select linear. if it still has a glitch on the loop, set the end frame of the animation to 29 instead of 30.