Basic Window Detailing In A Vehicle


I am currently trying to develop a bus model, of a real life model that local companies use. I would like to import the model into a game once done, but I have had many goes, and everytime I get a fair way in, I just give up as I made mistakes before which have caused lots of issues further down the track. So, I decided to go back to the start again.

How does one advise I go about getting the windows accurate? pushed in and thick enough around the outsides as I can never get it. I find that I get it after a long time, but there must be an easier way to it. Besides that, I also seem to struggle getting curvature on the corners so it doesn’t have that idea of a box, and instead a more indepth feel.

Here is what I have: (After restarting for the 30th time)

Here is what I am trying to achieve:

And finally, this is the result of my most recent attempt: (Which failed)

In my most recent attempt, you can see it looks somewhat alright, but there is a lot of overlapping and mistakes everywhere.

Anyway, I hope someone can answer my questions here and give me a few other tips on it. T

Probably too many edges for the wheel openings. You could get by with a lot less. You should also have control loops going around where openings are, and there aren’t any.

Other than that it looks like you have inconsistent normals and/or overlapping faces. Might want to try to select all and using control-N to get all the normals the same way. Past that, it’s going to need more clean-up. Maybe somebody else will chip in with some additional pointers. (Manual clean-up is a whole process in itself. Might want to look around at how to use vertex snapping and auto-weld.)