basics and beyond-the moon and the sun

Hi Blender Artists,

I started using Blender in June this year and created a short film to see how much I can do with my very basic, and a limited knowledge of Blender.

Any feedback will be welcome :slight_smile:

The link’s broken:

Your short was interesting. I liked the choice of music, the editing choices were mostly OK. The rougher technical edges were a little bit distracting at first but you worked them enough to make it part of the visual identity of the short.

It’s hard to really critique more abstract work like this. There’s one shot that sticks in my mind, the shot of the fluid simulation with the flower inside it. That shot jarred for some reason. It felt more like a feature test that you put in there - there was nothing like it before, nothing like it after. There was a kind of progression of ideas there but it wasn’t especially clear.

It’s great to see confident abstract/lo-fi work around here though, so keep it up! :slight_smile:

Hi quollism, many thanks for correcting the link and your feedback.
I did not expect that I would easily get feedback from someone about this work because, as you mention, this is abstract work, i.e. in my understanding, an extremely personal piece of work, just an expression of what’s happening in my mind based on my personal experiences and interpretations of them which I haven’t shared with or explained to anyone here. So your comments were a pleasant surprise for me. Thank you very much:)

I have no idea if you’re interested in knowing what actually is behind this work, but here is the idea of this work, which might be of some help for you to understand the “progression of idea” more clearly:D

There are two lines of progression of idea going hand in hand in this work.
First, how blender modeling progresses, second, how lighting works to bring life or death to the model.
Being an absolute blender beginner, I was surprised to know that the models had no colours or any other textures before you do materials/textures setting. I did not know that and was deeply disappointed when I first looked at, say, the rendered model of a wine bottle which I worked on, because it simply looked like a fossil from the Stone Age. As I went on with the modeling of some other stuff, with a bit more complicated shapes, though, I started to feel that I was rediscovering how beautiful and interesting shapes that things have in this world. Flowers with a variety of colours are beautiful, but even without the support of the colours or textures, or of dramatic lighting, the shape itself can convey its beauty in its own way. This is the fundamentals of the 3D modeling, I take it, so I started my short with black-and-white scenes with very plain lighting. Then, the model gets some types of materials and colours, e.g., glass, metal, wireframe, etc. showing its different types of beauties under different types of lighting, just like fashion models enjoy their own beauty and the stuff they wear under well-thought-out lighting.

As to the lighting, I thought we had the sunlight, moonlight, and artificial lights. In blender’s world, we look at virtual things using virtual lights, but they are part of artificial lights. And artificial lights are the copycats of sunlight and moonlight, trying their best to pretend to be the very “eloquent” natural lights, that’s how I take it. So, in the beginning of my short, the blender lamp pretends to be the sun, but it’s not the real sun, so it can only create a black-and-white world, instead of the world of full colour. Then the blue moon and the red moon come into play, and the model enjoys drifting in the sea of blue and red moonlight, and the sun makes an appearance as if the final boss, and then the world gets all the colours.
However, the time will come when the moon and the sun stop moving. Then perhaps we will have the world with no lights. Then, what can a model do?

So, this is the story behind my short. As you can see, it is based on my very personal experiences as a beginner blender-user, and my very personal ideas of lighting, so I am surprised that you found this work interesting and felt that there was a sort of progression of ideas without knowing how this work has been developed. I have shared this work on a Japanese original movies community called “niconico” as well, and to my surprise, there’s one person who found this work inspiring without knowing the story behind the scenes at all. Maybe we are similar in frequency…:wink:

Also, I am glad that you liked the music. Yes, Takashi Waraya is the owner of a free BGM sharing site in Japan and a composer himself. Tell you the truth, the idea of “the moon and the sun” came to my mind because I listened to this music. Here’s the link to Takashi’s BGM site just for your information: