Basics of creating spaceship corridor with exterior window

Hey all, I’m building a sci-fi game in Unity and I’m very new to Blender (and graphic artistry as a whole). I’ve built a few simple props, and now I’d like to add some exterior windows or glass sections. This is exactly the kind of situation I’m thinking of: Don’t worry, I’m not planning on making anything even remotely that awesome :P.

A few beginner questions to help me get the basic functionality and workflow:

  1. What’s a high-lvl workflow you’d take to build that? (build interior mesh> build exterior mesh > build glass mesh > combine, vs building all as a single mesh…idk)
  2. Should the interior/exterior stay as separate meshes?
  3. How should I deal with textures? Should the glass be separate from the interior/exterior?
  4. As the windows are viewed both inside and outside of the ship, is there anything I need to be aware of?