Basket or Mexican Hat Tut

I followed the Tut for the basket before yesterday

and i ended up with a mexican hat!

1 ) This tut is met for advanced noob not beginners

2 ) But even if you can figure out what’s between the lines
i finished with a nice mexican hat

But the idea is very good and can be use for other things than doing a basket or a mexican hat it could be use for a grill also

But someone should think about rewriting this tut for noob

and make certain you end up with a basket.


Here’s how it is:

<analogy>You’re learning the C major scale on the piano (this is for noobs, trust me). You play it for the first time after reading the instructions (hahaha). What you played doesn’t sound quite right, it’s got a lot of chromatic bits and it’s not always going up in pitch! What are you supposed to do? You play it again and it sounds better. You keep repeating this process until you play it flawlessly. It’s called learning to play the piano.</analogy>

If you do the same with Blender, you’ll master this creative tool. So you’ve done the tutorial once, it’s not enough to grasp all the concepts or to get comfortable with the motions. Just do it again and again and you’ll not only get your basket but you’ll master the technique… Courage and patience is all you need.

your right - but before mastering
there is the training and with so many changes happening fast
it’s getting hard to follow up all the little details

but in any case i was not really saying it for myself but for all the new noobs !

a tut is supposed to cut down on the time to learn.

but this one tut is truly making you loose time !
raising the hope and then letting you down you see!

so why mislead people it is useless to have tut like that


A tut is supposed to teach you something. How fast you learn it is up to you. Granted some tuts are better written, more up to date, etc. But that is the nature of open source software, documentation almost always lags development.

My point, with the C scale analogy, was that even learning a seemingly very simple thing can take a bit of repetition before it is fully assimilated. Beginners have to understand this fact from the start if they don’t want to get discouraged… Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to the simple things that are to become second nature as you progress.

J’aimerais bien pouvoir te pointer vers un tutoriel qui te transmettrais la science infuse mais je n’en connais pas.

Je vois mais j’ai vue beaucoup de tut et celui la est definitiverment “misleading”

Misleading here in this case is the key word !

That was my main point !

Happy Blender