Basketball Court is Done!

Here’s a scene I’ve been working on for a while. Its my first complete blender environment. Renders took about 90 minutes each at 1080p. The whole scene is about 330k verts. Thanks for looking!

There should be some bumps on the ball, I’ve never seen such a soft ball. Except that everything looks nice. maybe add some dirt on the walls and it is perfect.

Thanks for your comments. There is normal mapping and displacement on the ball. I found that when I used large light panels like on this reference, the ball looked much smoother than close up I used this as a reference image.

Awesome Job! Only thing throwing me off is the Size of the bricks in the background, compared to the door they look huge! Also the blue doors in the first image draws attention away from the ball because of the contrast. Maybe try desaturating it a bit? Other than that I think it’s a really beautiful render.I can’t tell where the floor boards repeat which is awesome.