Basketball court

(Keithkosh) #1

Hey, I’m trying to make a realistic basketball court in Blender. So far, it’s pretty basic, really basic for that matter. Hey, it’s a start! :wink:

I have a few questions though. First, is there any way to make the hardwood texture look less tile-y? Even though it is gonna be tiled just like in real life. Second, and more importantly, does anybody know any sites where I can get some good reference images of basketball stadiums. This is important, because I want it to look realistic…and some of the geometry is complicated so itd be nice to get an idea how it should look.


(pofo) #2

Here are a couple that might get useful.

To get the floor less tiley, two tips:

  1. Mix it up with other textures.
  2. Use an outline texture and procedurals for color.

Good start

  1. pofo

(gargola) #3

cool! looks good so far. :smiley: