Basketball Court

Edit: Current version

This is my first somewhat complete project that I’ve done on my own - previously I only made single models, played around with different stuff, made scenes from tutorials etc. I learned lots of things, especially workflow wise. On top of all: name your stuff (materials, nodes, objects) - it gets messy otherwise :wink: (and I need a better GPU)

Anyway, I still think it’s not quite complete - I just can’t put my finger on what’s missing, but I’d like to push my skills, so please tell me what you think about the composition, materials and lightning, but anything really.

I guess what it also needs is a bit more stuff in the background around the houses, it looks too empty.

Hi I like the overall atmosphere, but it might be a little too dark.

My new version:


I’m striving for more photorealism, but currently don’t know what to improve to get there.


It does look rather empty in the background, as you said. My recommendation: add a fence. Like a chain one. It seems to go along with the mood of the scene.
Also, maybe add a basketball, possibly just sitting by the rim. It would provide you something else to do, and it would go with the scene.

Good luck!

luke, there is a fence :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes i agree with him, it looks empty. adding a ball will help. also, try dimming the background and adding a new lightsorce such as a car or streetlight, that should give us more to look at. also if you could make a typical “GTA San Andreas”'style gang hanging around, that would also make it really good!

great WIP, Really good texture! could probably use a bit more sharpness/detail on the poll though.

Your new version looks better. I think the light on the building on the right seems a bit off. I think a street light between the two buildings might help the scene. As well as some vegetation. It looks like there is some in the scene looking at the un-rendered version, but it seems it disappeared in the final render.

Thanks for your replies!

@Luke: there is a fence indeed, but I worked with a depth of field, which made the background blurry. I took it away again, because I thought a night photograph wouldn’t quite have that effect.

@finalbarrage: the lightning was actually the hardest challenge so far. I’d like the buildings to get darker towards the tops, because in the night the light is emitted from near ground, but I haven’t quite achieved that.

@TSPhilllips: the idea behind the light on the right is sort of a lamp at the entry of the building. I wanted to add a bit more colours and shadows. I like the idea of putting street lamps into the scene, but I’m afraid it would steal the focus from the basketball pole.
Funny you should mention the vegetation, I’m currently working on a shrub and some fallen leaves on the ground.

Maybe I will get to post a new version in a few days.

Ok, here is my newest version, as mentioned.