Basketball Net

Searched, none of the topics were about basketbal! Let’s make one!

Does anyone have a nice and clean idea of how to create the basketball net? You know, big pole, kinda big hoop, and then there’s a net. That net.


Use the screw tool.

Here is a wastebasket tutorial that uses the suggested Screw tool. You could easily adapt it to a net, complete with rim:

Hey that tut looks nice, thanks. Gimme some mins.

How do you select a curve (the one that screw needs)? I can’t find anything on the Screw feature on the net, any tutorial just on that? I’m having trouble following the somewhat limited basket tutorial.

Yes it’s not so great on the details. The closed profile and the vertical “guide” line have to be part of the same mesh. No curve objects are necessary. Also it’s best to work in front view (numpad 1).

The wiki has a slightly better description of the screw tool. Here tis:

The wiki has? I couldn’t find it. Lemme check on that after I tried the your tips/hints/advice/whatever.

I’m having a small problem:


I just can’t get that effect. :expressionless: Note: The closed “circle” of verts doesn’t seem to effect the spiral. I guess I’m doing something wrong big time.

The position of the cursor is the middle of the spiral.
You have to place it somewhere not in the little ring. The further away it is from the ring the bigger the spiral becomes.

Uh yeah nice, but what does the circular thingie (the closed verts) have to do with it? :expressionless:

Wouldn’t it be easier to just make a cylinder and map a transparent texture on it?

Then you could even do thins like have it taper in at the bottom, like a basketball net really does, without much effort.

Look at this thread.

The closed vert profile defines the cross-section of the ropes. As Trichter pointed out, it needs to revolve around the cursor as it gets screwed and duplicated.

Thanks… I’ll think I get it now, will try some more tho, cuz I ain’t gettin’ that fancy spiral of him. :o But I gtg do some homework now.

phackingh3ll. :< Thanks for the help