I haven’t been using blender 2.5’s internal renderer that much, but the compositor is so powerful that its actually very good at faking things that Luxrender can take hours to render.

This was a quick experiment that turned out pretty good, I think. Please comment with any suggestions.

Wow nice! I like the reflection on the floor. Looks very real.

I think the ball needs a little more shine though. At the moment it looks old and dried out.
I’d also change the horizontal glow to basic bloom, as I think it would produce a better result.
Just my 2 cents.

Overall I love the image. Just a few tweaks would make this even better.

bang-bang-bang! shih-h-h-h! Foo-o-o-oh bang-bang!

Wow!!! Really like it! It think the ball needs to be more shiny too!

How did you use the compositor to create this result? What technique did you use to “fake” the use of other render engines??