Basketballs on court

I was curious of how to make a basketball, thanks Robsoie for the info i was looking for.
Honest critique are welcome :rolleyes:

Check the full res picture here (link updated to latest version)

Final version after tips from users on this forum :slight_smile:

Good job,

The basketballs look great, but the ground looks very, very fake.

I’m not sure how the ground should look like, i just tried faking some painted asphalt ground :o

basketball floors always seem to have a high gloss, so to make this scene i would turn on mirror and then lower the glossy amount to about .95 or something around that. also I’m not used to seeing green basketball courts so maybe make it tan?(that’s just me though you can leave it green if you want.)

Hi Jakerlund,

I also think, that the ground is somehow inappropriate :slight_smile: Maybe you could get inspired by stock images, like this one:

So, I believe, that you need a wooden floor with those planks and as “the wat man” mentioned, turn on the glossy effect. Furthermore, I don’t like the strong specular light of the last ball in the background.

But I really like the balls themselves.


A wood floor would be great, but be sure to put in some of the lines and not just the planks to make it better. The planks can be found at CGTex under wood somewhere. Keep it up!

Thanks for all your input!

I have to admit… i’ve never even seen a basket game and didn’t have a clue how an actual court looked. So i googled some reference pictures.
The most common seemed to be glossy wood floor with white lines.

Here’s the new version.

High res picture here! (link updated with latest version)

When looking for reference pictures i actually found both green and blue courts :eek:

haha wow well that improved the feel of the scene so much. great work.

The sceen looks great, but the wood floor is too perfect, the clear coat that goes on top is usually very unperfect which can be seen in the specularity (note the photo BlenderEI posted.) So mabey use your wood texture and copy it, and change the new texture layer to affect bump (since the clear kinda follows the pattern of the wood.) Also to note, the wood seems a little dark, every court i’ve seen is more of a light tan color, but thats just what I’ve seen. I must say, the basketball looks awesome, great modeling and texturing.

Thanks for all tips guys!

When i look back at my first versions i see how bad they are, they don’t not look very real.
But i think i’m getting closer now :o

I’m still not satisfied with how the bump behaves in the lower right side, it looks to hard compared to the rest, if i change it the rest looks bad… seems to be a thing with how the light is setup.

Full res pic here (link updated with latest version)

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Only thing I can thing off to fix the bottom right problem is shift the camera so it doesn’t reflect the way it does.


Blender internal

Yes, i thought so to, but i got tired of all the test renderings.
When you change something, often something else becomes wierd, adjust and render… adjust and render…
Hopefully all that will become much easier with Cycles in the future, get a live preview of lights, shadows and reflections.

yeah, you haven’t tested it?

Great job, Jakerlund!
I like it a lot better now too - the window reflection/spec looks great und the lines really do the trick. The bump could be a bit too high, but all in all it’s good work. Maybe you could set your floor materials specularity intensity a bit lower, to clear the harsh spec light?!

btw., is “@skyn1803” as spambot? This posting doesn’t make any sense (I mean the link to the handbags) o.O And what is morph?
Sorry, if I misunderstood you :slight_smile:


Sure i have :yes:
I’ve tested moving the camera and lights so much my render button finger hurts :wink:

Tonight i moved the top light and changed some floor mirror and specular settings and boom… exactly as i wanted it. So you were right it was a new angle that i was looking for :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right, i lowered the bump, mirror and specular and now i’m very pleased with the result.

Thanks all for your honest critique, that helped me forward indeed :yes:

High res version here!