Bass Guitar Model

Hey, I’m new to elYsiun, but I browse through here all the time, and I like what I see. Anyway, I figured I’d try getting some help on a little project I’m working on. This is the body for a bass guitar. I modeled it with curves, and converted those into a mesh. But I had trouble facing the mesh. I wound up extruding all of the vertices and scaling them to ‘0’, then removing the doubles. This worked (for the most part) but I am wondering if anyone can help me find a better way to do this so the mesh looks more… well profesional, I guess. I would prefer to have a cleaner looking model. The top one is the wire frame without any faces. The bottom one shows the wire after I ‘faced’ it, next to a textured mesh. I want to ‘face’ the top one differently then the bottom one. Any help would be great. Thanks.

that bass would be very not comfy and very heavy. how many strings are you planing? that alone can change the curves of a bass. right now it looks like a 6 string. the left curve is too tall and needs to be shoterned considerably. the proportions are prtty off too (but then again, i havent seen every single bass). btw i play bass myself incase you havent noticed. unfortunitly i do not know how to solve that problem of strethcing the faces with out zooming up the polygon level. good start though.

The shape is actually directly modeled after a friend of mine’s bass. It’s a four string, and the rest of the model is done too, and it looks how I want it to at this point. I’m not concerned with the shape right now, I just would like to try to find a better way to put faces on the front and back, so the mesh is designed better in that sense. But thanks anyway.

Hmm… No one can help?

add some vertex loops or subdivide the edges where you need the faces to go on either side. But to be honest, there are wayyyy to many vertcies in that model then you really need, not sure if it’s easier to deceminate it or start over from scratch =) but it does look good.

Start here for answers of how to go about what your trying to do.

I don’t think I know how to do vertex loops, but I started from scratch and used curves (again) but I read that if you press the ‘c’ key, it connects the curve handles, and faces it. After some decimating, it turned out just how I wanted it. It has only 52 vertices, and 34 faces, and it has the same shape. Thanks for the help.

look at that link I put in my last post under advanced modeling, but I’m glad that the decemination worked for you, do you have any new renders or wire renders to show? =)

I checked that link, and I couldn’t find vertex loops, but that is how I found how to face a bezier curve. Anyway, here is what the wire looks like now. It’s not as uniform as I’d like, but it is fewer faces and vertices, which is nice. I’m using it in an animation, so I don’t want the detail to be too high, else I would have made it with sub-surf from the bottom up. Anyway, here it is: