Bass Guitar

I decided to make a better bass for the band poster… here it is:

The only thing that I can see needs to be done here is to work on pegs some more, a bit more fine tweaking of the body, adding the volume/tone knobs/working with the 1/4" jack… and some minor UV tweaking.

Oh… and maybe if someone can help me figure out how to do this: better looking strings. LIke with the actual wrapping., I can faintly remember method for this but I forgot how. :’(…

Ahh and here’s a wire for your looking convieniece

f9 meshtools - screw.

thanks man! :slight_smile:

Maybe this is straight off a picture or maybe it’s the fact that it’s vertical, but does the instrument’s body seem slightly stretched?

That knob looks flat.

Since the wrapped-wire texture of a string is so slight, maybe a texture could simply be painted directly onto the string to give the desired effect. The pic could easily carry without that detail because the scale of that feature is so slight relative to the entire picture. It would have to be a tight close-up before you could see anything at all especially on a computer screen. If the target is a poster-sized print that would be different.

Turn up OSA. The body isn’t very smooth looking. Try “W” key, “Smooth.” The neck seems to short and the pickups too small. Headstock looks too thin. Good work, just needs some small changes.

Hey nice model so far. Just one crtit . the bottom of the guitar is really jagged. i dont know if it is meant to be like that or not i just picked up on straight away. oh well caio


yeah… I definitely need to smooth about 1000000 more times lol… I was smothing for like 5 minutes straight… (it was REALLY horrible in the early stages.)

thx for the texture tip… btw :wink:

and according to the reference pic everything is in proportion :confused:

What modelling style did you use? It seems like you ended up with a very, very dense mesh. This makes it harder smooth out the body. I’d hate to say scrap the body, but a low-poly, high sub-surf mesh would look much better. Also, the body texture looks a little muddy. As for the strings, I agree with sundial, a texture will work. If you are really picky though, you could use the screw tool to create a wound string effect.

I’m gonna scrap the body… I just did a really crappy tracing job… :confused:

I used a better modelling technique and threw in some AO this time:

Better. You might want to work on the pickups. The pole pieces don’t seem centered or spaced right. Also the tuners are a bit bulbous. And the input or knob or whatever it is appears to just be a ring, with the wood in the opening. Not bad, though. 8)