Bass Man Model

Been a long time since I’ve done any modelling at all and I’ve started again. (To be honest I was crap the first time round, lol)

Based on a real model of the same I bought on holiday this year.

I will be watchin this thread

Cheers. If you or anyone can give me some ideas for his setting it would be much appreciated. I didn’t really have much in mind for the backing… I was thinking just a desk… but I dunno what would be in the background.

Maybe a trophies stand… hum…

Go all the way and model an entire stage with drum set and speakers, and lights,
and then re use your model with slight modificatiosn and make a band

Hey that’s a pretty good idea… I could have different hair styles as well to represent a typical rock band… Cheers for that! I think I will do a final render of this one alone then do that! Thanks!

This model is really nice! The desk idea is good, but it would also look good as a statue on a pedestall in an art museum or something…

I think the textures need to be a bit more dirty… less clear reflection on itself and have actual grime, especially on the golden colour parts.

The metal base needs to have some sort of muck or stain because it looks all too flat and perfect. Might change the wood on the base a little too…

Coming along nice though, normally don’t have the patients to do textures and materials, but I guess that’s changed. Just a shame I have work in the morning because I would like to carry on doing this until the early hours.