Bass trombone

This is mainly to keep my hand in. And to try to get a decent brass texture. It’s a Blessing bass trombone. It’s supposed to be two-tone but I’ll get to that later.

Open to all crits, so fire away!

Here’s the finnished model. No scene or anything. Just a blue background.

Looks great. You might want to show the other side with the mouth piece. I started to think how one would blow this thing until I saw it in the shadows.

Speaking of shadows. Make them softer. Would look cooler.


The model is fantastic, and teh shadows aren’t that bad either…but the background is putrid. You did a great job making realistic brass. Fix the background and you’ll be all set if you ask me.

Cool. The background’s history. I just used it to supply a environment map. I’m open to ideas for a replacement.