Bassjacker II cont'd

Here’s how much I’ve progressed. I have no knowledge of perspective, lighting or artistic training but Blender has enabled me to produce this -

Let me add a crit of my own, I need to fix the reflection on the lure lip. I imagine that could be done with HDRI or envmaps, but I don’t know.

Could you make that brighter?

No. It might be a little to bright. Some of us dont get much sleep and this is like walking out side and looking into the sun…I cant see anything to crit on.

alright, good work, especially for a first! anyway here are my crits. first off, the image is way too bright. try a darker background color, or make a plane for the lure to lie on. next, what is the lure body supposed to be made of? if it’s metal-use an enviroment map or turn up raytracing which can be found in the material settings. (for a good effect you will need to surround the lure with a scence or nothing will be reflected.) if it’s wood, it shouldn’t be perfectly smooth. add a bump map and a wood texture, procedural or image. (u might want to take off the yellow finish for wood.)

for the lip, do the same as i described above for metal.

the eyes should probably stick out some. lastly, what is that thing sticking out of the lure? is it the hook or the line or something? anyway, nice job. keep blending!

Thanks for the crits. I’m really trying to make it look photorealistic, that’s why I turned up the lights to hide some of the flaws in the surface. The lure’s made of plastic. The clear part is the lip over which the water flows while reeling in. Better add some texture.