BAT SIMULATOR Android :Non BGE; Godot Engine need feedback

Hello every one, its been looooong time i’m not posting here. I make android game with Blender for 3d asset and Godot for game engine . Since BGE not yet, full support for Android, i try to find the right engine for newbie like me…:spin:

The game is about bat that travel in the infinity cave. Maybe you notice this game just like 3d fl**y bird version or infinity run like temple run :p. There are lot of change and modification for make it interesting (i hope).

Main menu

Flying around

I hope try this simple game and give me some feed back about this simple game…
I really appreciated anything you write down here …

How to play?
Just tap the screen(don’t hold it), tap at the corner to drive the bat (right or left). More corner more stronger move. Tap repeatedly to make the bat fly higher or less to move it down.
Collect the fruit to gain vision energy, if vision energy wash out, prepare for the dark.

You can download it at:
Bat simulator arm + intel cpu(x86)

if sure your cpu arm

Maybe this game still have a lot of bugs, so please help me to find them.

Sorry for my bad English, show me if my sentence is wrong so i can improve my self not just my game :yes: .
If you want to visit Play Store, Sorry i don’t have it, just amazon and other market and its only arm version.

Thank very much!!