batch files in ubuntu?

I’m still adjusting to life on ubuntu, and the one thing I need now is to be able to write a “batch” file to render multiple .blends at one time.
I tried creating an empty file and scripting the batch there, but I was unable to run it.

any hints?

P.S. All the hours spent setting up my opensource box are starting to pay off, I got finished my first free-lance animation on all opensource software!
Thanks Ubuntu, Gimp and Blender!

Congrats on the open source success. I’m also doing my studio work nostly with Ubuntu, Gimp, and Blender.

Any more detail on what you’re trying to do with your scripts? I’ve never launched multiple renders with Blender, but I haven’t had a problem scripting python or bash on Ubuntu. Instead of trying to execute your script, try “bash [scriptname]” or, better yet, “sh [scriptname].”

In windows executable files are identified by their extensions (exe, com, bat, js, etc…) in linux it is the attribute of the file, which says it can be executed.

You can use the method mentioned above

or you can make your script executable
chmod +x
and then execute it by

The result is of course the same :-).

Thanks! I’m rendering 5 separate animations right now!

look up shell scripts for unix/linux

here is a nice one I follow… you can probably be a script guru in an afternoon with this tutorial: