Batch filtering with GIMP for Blender animation?

Hi. I am doing an animation with another 3D package and using Blender to composite it. One sequence of my animation I’d like to have a cartoony feel to it. The problem is that for the sketch and toon module for the program is 600. I paid 300 for the ed. version of the software so wouldn’t want to pay twice that for a module… My question is does gimp have a batch feature like PS’s droplet feature to add a filter to the images that I’d bring back into the sequencer? Any particular format I should render the images as? I assume something like png or tiff? Or can I get the effect by using nodes? Thanks for reading and thanks for any replies in advance.

Hi I don’t know about Gimp batch, but what software package are you using? I bet you could still do that toon effect without some fancy plugin.

I’m using Cinema 4D. The only way I can think of doing it without the sketch and toon plugin would be material wise. But I think if I can do a batch filter to all the frames it would look better because i t would be more uniformed.

It looks as if it is possible to do batch processing with GIMP but you have to write a script to do it. It is not very user friendly if your not a coder.

i recommend some version, a test version of adobe AE to apply filters to seguence, though in gimp if you get the gap plugin you can do animation stuff with gimp( i dont know much of the cabapilities though). also one thing is opening an image then open as layers and select all images of sequence, there is some anim. stuff in filters on bottom of filter menu

Thanks for your reply. I think I can use image magick to convert the images. I did some test and got it to work on an image. I just need to figure out how to set it up to do a series of images.

Anyone familiar with Image Magick? To do it with one image I do this command.

convert filename -charcoal radius new file name.

I don’t know how to use mogrify to do it to a series of photos.

Any help would be appreciated.

pretty sure I got it now. I changed to the directory of files I wanted to change and did this:

mogrify *.jpg -charcoal 5 *.jpg

It worked but there was only two files in the directory. (Just for testing purposes.) So I am going to do a test where I do a short animation and output the frames and then try it on those. If there is a better way to do it please let me know. Hope this helps anyone reading it.

look for Gimp GAP on google
GAP stands for Gimp Animation Package I think you can use it batch process images.

Thanks I will look into it more. I don’t see anything that indicates that functionality with GAP but can look further into it. If i can do it with IM then I won’t need to do it with Gimp, but always good to know my options.

yea, imagemagik is the ticket here,
you are on the right track with the :
convert *.jpg

much easyer than gimp or adobe products.
Take a look on the IM site, the documentation goes over using the wildcard for globing .

I did a simple test with a cube. I uploaded it on youtube, just have to wait for it to process. I’ll post it when it is finished.


there is the link. Not too long but I did it on my laptop that is few years old and not that fast. My desktop is rendering part of my project at the moment.

I can get the charcoal to work fine but the sketch always hangs up for me. Any tips? This is what I am doing.

convert test.jpg -colorspace gray -sketch 480x360 sketchtest.jpg. What am I doing wrong?