batch import/export script?

hi there! i’m converting a bunch of models from the .md3 format to .obj format.
the md3 python import/export scripts works great.

is there is a quick (semi) automated way to do this in blender for possibly over one hundred models?

Take a good look at the import/export scripts you are using. I think it should work if you write something like this:

  • Define directory in which objects to convert are. Define output directory too.
  • Convert each object
  • Import (call import function with filename. Treat it as a module! This might mean you need to copy the scripts around a bit.)
  • Catch the imported object. (You may need to modify the import func to make this easier.)
  • Feed imported object to the exporter. Remember output directory too! (Again, you need to treat exporter as a module. Alter exporter as needed.)Blender has not been designed to work as a converter. This can be clearly seen by the way the import/export scripts have been constructed. This means you have to hack them a bit to make this operation work flawlessly but I hope that’s not a problem. :slight_smile: