Batch name long chain of vertex groups

Hi, I am making a firehose which I will export and rig in another program. I want to assign vertex groups to each part of the hose, eg Hose, Hose01, Hose02, etc. I have started doing this manually, selecting a loop of faces, assigning a name, moving on to the next, but I am up to 30 groups and am not even halfway there. I know I can probably automate with a script, but can anybody give me some advice on how to do that?

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Is there any reason why you’re not using Blender’s automated tools for creating and mapping your vertex groups?

So… What are you trying to do?

Yes. The reason is I don’t know about them. :slight_smile:

Now I am doing the same thing with a telephone cord. Can anyone help me out so I don’t have to name each section of the cord manually?