BATCH OPERATIONS™2 (smart data-management for Blender)

Welcome to the BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 smart data-management for Blender 2.8

This Blender add-on is a highly sophisticated data manager. It can outline/arrange/control all your modifiers, materials, collections (and other data) in the currently opened file, scene or visible objects. Select, Add, Remove, apply multiple operations on the selected modifiers, materials and collections or filter, search with custom user settings. Manage everything on the fly and keep a complete overview of your project. It is ideal for the large scenes and maintenance of multiple objects at once.

  • Supports modifiers, materials, collections and many other data…
  • Add, remove, apply, copy, paste, apply multiple operations at once
  • Dedicated addon tab, a floating panel, pie menu or right click context menu support
  • Version 2 was completely redesigned and rewritten for the Blender 2.8
  • Free future updates
  • Full online documentation:

Please check the docs or the video for additional workflows. Price will go up as soon we are out of beta.

From the original creators of Batch Operations, introductory price for the holiday season

See the Batch Ops™2 in action by masterxeon1001

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Purchased, well worth the money if you have HardOps or BoxCutter, I’d even say it’s essential.


Much appreciate it @colkai.

Being my own customer with all due respect to everyone’s workflow, this is for me now the easiest way to outline all the scene modifiers, materials, collection, etc. You can use it passively to visually gather information about your scene materials, modifiers, collections or actively to select, rearrange or apply operations also based on that output. Look at Batch Ops™ 2 as your personal command bridge when you open the file.

This week we are rolling out our first update which will further expand the set of features. Thank you everyone for the support so far!

Also check out masterxeon101 first video review of the addon. Here’s also one of his scenes as example of what’s been talked about.


Just completed a scene heavily driven by HardOps & BC, the final stage of tidy up was made so straightforward using batch ops, enabling me to then make some mesh revisions. Would of been a real headache otherwise.

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We’ve got Staff Picked by Blender Market Congrats to the 3-Dimension Arte’s creation as well. Both images seem to work pretty well in tandem :slight_smile:

First update 056 has landed!

First of all thank you so much for the support! We managed to add quite a lot of new features, some are mentioned bellow. We are also working on many new as so spread the good word!

  • Added option to append or prepend modifiers
  • Add multiple modifiers at once
  • Popup panel custom width preference
  • Floating panels custom width preference
  • Remove materials slots via hotkey modifier
  • Choose operators dropdown menu icon

As soon we are out of the beta period price will increase


Cool addon. And it would be great to have one more tab in panel for Objects ( not Meshes ).

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Awesome update!

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Thanks a lot Titus! Version with object support is just around the corner! It will be released next week with some other cool features as well.

I just tried to use the rename functionality using 0.56 in the latest Blender build 25772c9e1d2d-win64. I do not know exactly what I am doing wrong here or if the functionality has been broken during Blender updates.

Acording to the docs I can use CTRL+Loupe Icon to enter Filter/Renaming mode. When I do that, I tried to enter values like {sort:name}, {sort:-name} I do not get any output. Using “Cube.0” with a bunch of duplicated cubes (Cube.001, Cube002, …) yield in a correct output and shows all the Cubes containing at least .0.

Can anyone please help me on how to batch rename something like this example:



Thank you for any info :slight_smile:

Advance batch renaming would be out early this week. Current version had renaming implemented but in it’s basic form. Renaming was never advertised for the current 0.56 so you can consider it ‘Easter egg’. We are currently working on documentation that’s why is there already.

Glad you like it overall!


Cool. Thank you for clearing. It’s funny, that time I read the manual, it’s from the future.

So far batch ops is a big time saver. Sometimes it does not sync with changes in blenders own collections, but I consider that anyway as everything is beta still.

Thank you for creating that add on. I am eager to check out the new version.

Hi there, is there a way to select all “SEAMS’” “SHARPS” etc. ?
Also what is the easiest tool to “unhide all” ? quite often I have something ISOLATED but want to “un-isolate” it. Cheers, loving the tool so far, especially useful for material assignment in OBJECT mode.

Both of those are built in, for seams or sharp, select one edge, then do Shift+G to select similar and select by seam or sharp.
Unhide is Alt+H, or if you want to isolate an object, you can always use ‘/’ to go into local view, (not to be confused with local orientation). This will only show those items you have selected. Press it again to exit local view.

sorry i wasn’t clear before with UNHIDE. I ment this: when i.e. you want to Isolate all objects with “MATERIAL X” you right click > isolate. Now these objects with the requirement are isolated. Works fine.

Now… if I want to VIEW all objects again with whatever materials Alt+H will not work. Instead I need to click on all the other material slots together which i want to view and again Ctrl + clicking and right click > isolate. (?) this seems a bit un-intuitive to me if this is the only way to do so.

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@Polygreen ‘Isolate’ operation is actually a ‘Local view’. Alt+H is not working because it doesn’t work with Blender’s local view either. Maybe it should not because local view is not just about hiding other objects, just as isolate.

Anyway, I know some people who are still trying to find the local view key as it got remapped on Blender 2.8 :smile:

In any case, we are actively working on the new ways to refine the overall experiences so I appreciate the feedback!

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Our 2nd update has landed!

New version of Batch Ops 0.5.8 is out: exciting new features, advanced renaming, full objects support, active camera switching + numerous UI tweaks. We have overextended low price period, but won’t be long.

  • Advanced renaming (string rename, prefix, suffix, pattern support…)
  • Switch active camera (camera category, active camera indicator)
  • Collections operations (Instance, Link, Unlink)
  • General instances support
  • GroupPro add-on support
  • Decal Machin3 add-on support (.dot names ignored in the category)
  • Full object support
  • Numerous UI tweaks

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Thank you @cgcookie for featuring BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 in the article about #b3d data management:


Nice , super helpfull addon.

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5 Star rating on @gumroad! Thank you all once again for the support, kind reviews and retweets. Won’t be there otherwise.

To give our thanks to you we are going soon announce a big update to the overall workflow. Stay tuned, more details following soon.