BATCH OPERATIONS™2 (smart data-management for Blender)

BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 brand new real-time filtering system… enter not needed! #comingsoon


really love this add-on so far :slight_smile: just dropping in to say it has been very useful for my current project. Especially useful when dealing with complex scenes/materials. Cheers.

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  • identical materials merge
  • indications of active - selected objects
  • selections by material
  • selection by collection

#batchops #b3d #evee #outliner #manager #shaders

Thanks a lot @PolyGreen for the feedback! For people who did not try it yet here’s a little preview.

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Big thanks to @JoseConseco for making an intro/showcase about #BatchOps …and how it is utilized with Group Pro update! #b3d #3d #addon #addons


moth3r. What do you think about adding a feature like “unlock selected.” in the pie menu. When used, the viewport will switch to local view showing only the locked objects. In this isolation mode, locked items will be selectable. With confirmation, the viewport will switch back to normal view while unlocking the previously selected items. I think it will be very useful for those of us who like to stay immersed in full screen mode.


Just a heads up, BatchOps 2 v0.63 isn’t showing up as an installed add-on in the 5/16/19 release of Blender 2.8.


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It does, please download a new archive.

The old v63 zip had subfolder so the addon happened to be installed under addon folder instead of the addon root. This is fixed a week ago already. I also presume you have installed directly from Blender by using ‘install’ from .zip file. If you download the new archive it should work no problem.

From the next release, version 0.64 Batch Ops will be in the subfolder under addons. Version 0.63 is still just a signle file in the root of main addons folder

Hope that helps. If it does not please contact me directly via my website and we will resolve it. Thank you!

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That did the trick! Thanks again for the quick reply!!!

Also considering it was not mentioned here officially with 0.63 update we are coming strong from the version 0.58 with completely redesigned selections, track to (ability to make camera, lights, objects track to target in one clicks), full shader editor support etc.


track to (ability to make camera, lights, objects track to target in one clicks)

I don’t know if that question is in the addon’ scope: but since we talk about selections and management, there is any plan to let the user “isolate” a light (which will “mute” the others as result) to help with three-point lighting?

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Batch Ops - Version 0.64 is out!

  • Addon gets subfolder - ‘batch_ops’ instead of just being one file ‘’ > check the installation documentation
  • Key-binding resolved (Pie & Panel keymaps now update immediately)
  • ‘Track to’ Lights support added (Make target lights instantly)
  • ‘Track to’ fix (if no target object is selected, ‘Empty’ target will be created at 3D Cursor position)
  • ‘Make Unique’ renamed to ‘Unique / Duplicate’ operator
  • ‘Make Unique / Duplicate’: save data block - fake user) (new preference)
  • Visible panels, pie menu category and filters are now local to Screen / Workspace
  • Materials (edit mode) - sync selection to polygons instead of objects in the edit mode
  • Toggle option for ‘Isolate’

Thank you for the support and if you like the addon please spread the word!

IMPORTANT: due major code refactoring please remove the old version before installing!


good update on materials
here is my request

maybe an option setting to save or remember the type of filter in each panel ( without using save as startup file ) preferably ( save preference )


#2 customize the popup list commands ( able to remove or add some commands )

can you also add option to hide search and filter ?

operation menu has this option i also like to see for filter and search

i just want it more customizable

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Hey thanks for the feedback Matsuiko. I think we can implement it, if not in the next release (which is close) then most probably in the one after.

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Active isolate/mute light(s), upcoming Batch Ops™ feature thanks to @Tosky request.


BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 version 065 has landed!

  • Added a preference to automatically un-hide objects when Isolating them
  • Operator Search support for Batch Ops™ [Space] key (operators are now searchable)
  • Added “Reparent” operation for collections and extra options for New Collection operation
  • Fixed object filtering when an instance’s collection was not specified
  • “Mute on Isolate” option
  • "Mute others: double click on the light preview icon isolates light (custom implementation)
  • “Auto rename” option (object/data/collection -> data/object, materials)
  • “Sync names” mode (Alt+Click) for Rename command (sync object/data/material names for objects corresponding to the panel selection)

If you want to do a review or tutorial about it let me know

Thank you for the support!



New features and compatibility fix for the latest #b3d 2.8 builds

  • Apply modifiers fix for the new Blender builds
  • Added a preference to store some settings in addon preferences instead of .blend’s screens
  • Added an option to hide search/filter in panels
  • Added “Enable/Disable” view operation for collections (Click: exclude, Ctrl+Click: hide-viewport, Shift+Click: holdout, Alt+Click: indirect-only)
  • Added a “View Layers” category
  • Clone objects operator for the objects panel

We are also open to fet. requests. Thank you for the support in any case!


i notice when u use hide function on modifiers theres a slight fade or brightness is turned down which i can distinguish quickly if its enabled or not


maybe you could also do the same to other panels

Cutters Collection is Hidden

Tree is Hidden

currently if i hide the object / mesh / collection etc , there is no visual information
which confuses me so I need to look at outliner

or EYE icon like outliner?


it would be a great update

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Sure, thank you for the feedback! Let me see what would be the best solution. Sorry I’ve missed your post a while back.

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Hi moth3r,
In rename ops - i see an option to add RegEx things, could you bring some light on this case. For example how to add suffix to object name from A-Z? it shoud be like {name}_{"[A-Z]"}?
Please help.
PS: Like: prop_A, prop_B, prop_C … etc

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Hi Titus, that’s not possible in the current implementation. Give us some time and we will add it.

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