BATCH OPERATIONS™2 (smart data-management for Blender)

Hi! Wow this addon seems really powerful. I bought it to use with GroupPro for scenes involving lots of objects with many links between them but also many variations.

Unfortunately, somehow with everything BatchOps can do, I’m still unable to slice my scene by selecting objects according to constraints. In my case, I have a bunch of building and plant objects which I’d like to instance, and shrinkwrap on to terrain using the Shrinkwrap constraint. There are often pretty complex scenes like this involved when building up contextual environments for e.g. architecture.

It would be great if I could then perform operations about all objects which I want to behave like this, by simply selecting all according to constraint.

Is this something you’re looking into implementing?


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I am not entirely sure what’s the exact issue but you can send me an email with a project file so we can investigate it. In any case, we grant feature requests if they are inline with the addon.


For the Cyber weekend 2020, we have finally managed to squish a couple of bugs we were hunting for some time now. Download your free update and enjoy this new release, especially if you are using the HardOps addon.

  • HardOps addon - apply modifiers bugfix
  • additional compatibility fixes

Thank you for the support and if you like the addon please spread the word!


Will 7.10 work in 2.83.12 and 2.83.13? Which version should I use in these versions of blender. Which version should I use in 2.82a? Thanks

The sayd version 2.80 so I would say it should work fine on 2.83


Correct! All releases should be backward compatible. I keep each one on the Gumroad for the sake of log or bug hunting.

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I am experiencing a huge problem with this addon, but I’m not sure if it is a bug or not.

When I remove modifiers, by any method, CTRL-ALT clicking, or selecting remove, or delete from menus it always removes every modifier of that type in the scene.

It doesn’t matter what objects I have selected, or hidden, or in other scenes, it removes every single modifier of the type I have selected from the entire file.

It seems like this has to be a bug. What good is all this great data management if you can’t do it selectively ?

The same behavior happens in 2.91.2, 2.92.0, and 2.93.0Alpha.

I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

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Hmm… just to be certain are talking about Remove or Delete? Remove should operate only on selected objects (unless nothing is selected, in which case it operates on all objects). Delete always tries to remove the selected items completely.

In terms of future reports, screenshots or a video (or gif) of performing an operation help a lot to investigate the issue.


Thanks for your prompt reply and emails.

It was user error on my part all along. I misunderstood the UX a little. I could have sworn I tried every combination of use I could think of, but I was actually missing something obvious as I’d hoped.

For readers, it wasn’t a bug at all, just a mistake on my part.

I’ve since gone back to the scene in question and have been able to successfully batch remove specific modifiers from only the objects I wanted to, leaving all others intact.

Whew… this is a great addon. It saves so much tedious management in large files, I’m glad I was just a use case issue and not a bug.

hello, I’ve gotten lot of use out of this addon when working with large scenes and many objects, but have recently run into some issues

i can’t remember when exactly i first had the issue but using the ‘new’ modifier button has been erroring out for me, it manages to apply the selected modifier but does not have the modifier preview panel that would allow me to change the parameters of the new modifier

i am on 2.92 stable and batch ops 0.7.6, the error happens for me in any scene, and with factory settings

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I see, you can expect a new release with a fix for this due tomorrow. There would be some changes though but it should work.

Thank you for the report as well.

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BATCH OPERATIONS™ v7.11 release

- Blender 2.90 modifiers compatibility fix is now live on Gumroad and BlenderMarket


thanks man! works like a charm now

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If I want to change a given property of all the materials in my model, say: Roughness of all Principled BSDFs or Blend/ Shadow Mode from Opaque to Hashed for ALL materials, will this addon help me?

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Hi, not at the moment, no promises but we can think about this as an option in the future.

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