Batch removing "auto Texture Space"

My question is simple: is there a way to simply uncheck the “Auto Texture Space” option, and give the texture box a 1x1x1 size to all the meshes in my scene??
I have hundreds of meshes after an import from Sketchup, and I need this set-up for my linked materials to work properly…
Thanks for your help!


To disable the ‘Auto Texture Space’ option for all objects, open a text window and type in

import bpy;
for obj in
    if obj.type == 'MESH': = 0

Then on the text window header press the ‘Run Script’ button

Thank you very much!
I managed to find the last part of my answer (texspace size) myself!

import bpy;            
for obj in obj.type == 'MESH': = 0 = [1,1,1]

Thank you sharing this one, as i was looking for this script. Made my life much easier.