Batch Rename Datablocks for 2.8

This had been official add-on, but is missing from 2.8. Where is the list of add-ons that are being ported? I’d like to report this one…

In my build, it is present under testing category. And it looks to work with 2.8.

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Thx! will test it ASAP

Seem to work. THX!

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@zeauro I think this addon doesn’t work anymore in 2.91 or I’m missing something… Could you look into this?

Yes. Addon’s operator is supposed to be called by search. 2.91 search has a problem and refuses to show it.
It has been solved in master. It should be fine in 2.92 and 2.93.
But for the moment, you can solve the problem by yourself, for 2.91, by assigning a shortcut to object.batch_rename_datablocks operator.

Thank you!