batch renaming bones

hi! i’m quite new to blender, and i’m wondering around to find a quick way to rename bones…
I found that there is a script for renaming objects, but bones in an armature are not covered by this tool…
anyone can help? thanks!
Try the first link. Not tested for … a long time, but, with a little luck, it could work.

merci bien ! :wink:

Hey can anyone fix ‘Bone Renamator’ so it works with 2.46?

sorry to revive this old thread, but is there an updated script, or native means of accomplishing this in 2.62/2.63? Any help is appreciated

It is very easy (if you know to read a file with bone names and use them)
this worked:
for i,el in enumerate( += str(i)

each bone got an added digit :wink: (i had 4 bones in my armature)
In the console I did:
arm = C.active_object
which was active!

gotta love the blender community, thank you @PKHG
testing time for me :wink: