Batch Render Collection

Addon for batch rendering of collections.

If you need to render a lot of objects of the same type (collections), then this addon is made specifically for this.

Create a collection such as Render.
Make links to the collections you want to render. Transfer them while holding down the Ctrl button to the created Render collection.
Indicate in the addon the Render collection containing other collections for rendering.
Specify the path for the finished image and click Render All.


Rendered images will appear in the folder you specify.

Note. Collections in the collection for rendering need to be dragged with Ctrl pressed - then links to them are created. Everything that is included outside the Render collection will be included on all renders.


Addon updated.

v. 1.0.5 (31-05-2020)
Render collections without interfering with the compositing.
Correction of many errors. Direct work with collections.

v. 1.0.7 (17-08-2020)

Correction some errors. Added status display.

v. 1.0.8 (18-08-2020)

Added rendering of objects to the collection. In order, turns on the visibility of objects and renders them.


Addon updated.

v. 1.0.9 (31-12-2020)
Added rendering of nested collections. The depth of the processed nesting can be set in the panel.


Looks handy, its render collection instances ?

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Addon works with any type of collection (including instances)

Addon updated.

v. 1.1.2 (31-12-2020)

Added mix (combination, blend) collections or objects.

If you need combination of different sets of objects, then this addon can do it.
For example, you have objects of one type “A”, “B”, “C” and another type “1”, “2”. Then the addon will be able to combine the variations A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2.

Addon does mix (combination, blend) collections or objects.

  1. Place objects in a collection according to one type.

  2. Combine these collections into one, for example, name “Mixing”.

  3. Select this collection in panel N in the ‘Mixing Objects from Collection’ field.

  4. In the “Collection of Output Results” field, enter the collection of results, for example, name “Output”:

  5. Click on the “Mixing All” button.

The addon generates all combinations.

Also in panel N you can see how many combinations are found, and you can assign the maximum number of combinations, or put 0 - is unlimited