Batch Rendering View Layers

I’m wondering if there isn’t an option to batch render multiple view layers at once. I know that I can set everything up in the compositor an connect each layer to a file output node and give it a name, but this is a pain if you have a lot of view layers.

What is the easiest way to save the images in a clean and proper way?
Is it even possible to copy the view layer properties and passes to another layer? Do I have to set everything up again, when I create a new one?

I’m a bit confused :confused:

My Solution right now:
My Idea is to put my compositing magic in a node group so that I can connect each render layer to it for denoising and so on. Then I have to copy it multiple times and set the file output nodes and the view layer settings. hit render and everything should be saved in my directory, am I right. Or is there a faster way?

I wish I could to loop through all view layers, render it and save the file based on the view layer name.

Multilayer EXR will save all enabled viewlayers with their passes in one file. Might want to disable Compositing, otherwise it will be merged as additional layer.


Thats ok, for the moment, but I still have to save them manually as a png file. Is there a workaround?

Sorry, I don’t understand which step involves manual png saving.
My workflow is:

  1. Render whole timeline for all layers to multilayer EXR - automatic
  2. Create new blend-file without everything except compositing node tree and camera - manual
  3. Connect all EXR’s outputs to node tree - manual
  4. Start compositing render/export to png sequence - automatic

Guess you could just use file output nodes in the compositor? takes a bit of setup but should work

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t want to render an animation but several different models. Each biew layer shows another object and I want to batch render them all to individual png’s

I see now.

There is a way with using VSE timeline as a render queue. It works only with scenes not layers, but you can put for example three different Scene strips in a row and set timeline length of also 3 frames. So, each scene will represent its frame in exported images.

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Ah, thats a good idea.
Seems to be the same as stage object in cinema 4D. Thanks!