Batch Rendering


Is there any way to do batch rendering? I’m working on an animation and certain frames need to be rerendered. I’d like to just queue up those individual frames and let blender have at it…


Assuming they’re all in the same scene/file, then you could use a simple python script to render the required frames.
Something like this should do the trick

import bpy
for i in range(len(start_frames)):

Sorry rabassa, forgot to mention, if you do render through script, then it will look as of blender has frozen as you will not be able to see the render process or use blender during this time. So you may want to insert a print statement before the render one to display in the system console which frames are currently being rendered

print ("Currently rendering frames: ",cont.frame_start," - ",cont.frame_end)


Cool - thnx,

I’ve never done any python stuff - this’ll be interesting.

Hi, I didn’t try this on animation frames but I did manage to batch render different files. Maybe it works for you: think the f-1 before the end of the command refers to frame numbers.

you can use the netrenderer-addon, it’s already equipped with what you need.