Bath design

Hy guys,
this is my latest project. It is an auto-promoting render series about bath design.
I hope you like them!!
Suggestions are welcome.


Love it!
In my opinion to less interior renders here on blenderartists.
Thanks for sharing :wink:

i really like it :slight_smile:
can you share with us how you reduce the noise ( if you use cycles of course )
because it’s really clear of noise and this is my big problem in interiors renders :wink:

The original images are 5000 x 3536 pixel @ 800 samples (standard A3 format), downgraded to 1920 width in order to limit the file size during upload.
I limited also the max bounce to 7, filter glossy 1.00 and avoid using HRDi to reduce render times.
I used a light portal in front of the window to reduce overall noise and for the window frame I didn’t use glass material but a mix between a 100% glossy and a 100% trasparent shaders, managing the mixing factor with a “layer weight” input node.

Thanks for sharing your setup, it’s always inspiring to hear about tricks to reduce noise.