Bath room (Upd 25/11 with Indigo)


Here is a work somebody asked me, I started but I will not work anymore on it as it will not be used. So they are still some imperfections and it probably should be improved but the result is not bad at all.

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Yafray
Some postprocessing mainly to correct some artifacts due to the Yafray renderer
The rendering time was about 6h30 on a core 2 duo 6700 in 1200x800
I mainly spent time on the light tuning and on Yafray settings to get a good quality/time ratio.

Just for the fun, I’m doing the same rendering with Indigo, the main issue is the light settings as meshlights do not produce enough light to illuminate the scene and I had to open the ceiling to let the sun enter in the room. As soon as I get a nice result I’ll post it here.

Here is a first attempt with Indigo. Still some grain and problems with the bump on the floor tiles to fix.

Rendering time : 9h30 on a Core 2 duo 6700 for an image in 800x600

This is very very well done.

5*'s :cool:

I love the milky white shine of all the porcelins. It’s not quite realistic(or what I see)
but I sure am determined to buy a toilet that purdy :slight_smile:

Yes, the porcelain wuold need a nice SSS touch, beneath the reflective layer, not currently possible in yafray. Anyway is a great work. I would light up basins wood basements with a less dark texture maybe.

Using pilots’ terminology, you are pushing the envelope of YafRay.

Would you mind sharing the scene so that one can push it through Indigo? :slight_smile:

Very nice enrico :slight_smile:

That’s amazing!! The lighting is very realistic, especially the reflections on the floor :smiley:
Well done!

i find it very realistc and very well done!!!
love those towels.
and the floor too.
keep it!!!

PD: could you post the indigo version ???

simply great !
you have great skills mate

double that

Thanks to all,

As mentioned by Alvaro, some SSS would be very great for the porcelain.

@skypa & magoseitor: I’m currently working on an Indigo version, I finally found the way to well use meshlights (with linear tonemapping instead of leaving Indigo automatically set the lighting). I hope to publish it in the coming days.

Very realistic enricoceric

guru enricoceric,
abs, gr8 work man…my layman brother did not believe what he saw…said this is a photo!!! could enlighten us noobs with pointers as to your light settings. i am desperately trying to learn correct lighting techniques…so your ‘mesh’ lighting term had me a bit :confused:.thanx in advance.

Class A work. I’d like to see more of your work!

still looking for the “imperfections”…:wink:

Very very realistic man good job

ha, love to see your work…another class A, 5 *s

Thanks again to all,

I updated this post with an Indigo version, still some work to improve it but it already gives an idea of what could be the result. For those interrested, I finally used the Linear tonemapping (unflag lines in the XML), this allows you to manually control the lighting. I used several meshlights (@chela69 a meshlight is for example a plane with emit value > 0, it is then considered as a light by Indigo) and no sunlight, the light coming from the window is a meshlight too.

Very nice renders! Both YafRay and Indigo!

Actually for the sake of corectness of light calculations, I found Indigo best. You said something about problems on the floor bump map. I actually found it very good and looking real. I wouldn´t change it… =D

Congrats, man. Very strong work.

Very well done!
Nice lighting!

5 stars for me!

Only crit is about the towels on both images (much better on indigo render) and the black stuff on a toilet seat (on indigo render)
But otherwise very nice work!