BathRoom Blender Cycles 2.62

Hi to everyone !!! this is my first post to Blender Artists.
i didn’t detailed this work to much just 800 passes rendered in Cycles (blender 2.62)
Hope you enjoy it !

Hey, some details need a bit work (camera position, jagged edges, the towel model, burned out window…) but the overall look is fine!


yes some retouches need. thanks for your comment my friend !

I like the burnt out windows.

i actually like the burnt out as well :slight_smile:

While you may like it, you could never print it, so you still need to tone it down. You are totally losing detail around that planter-thingy by the window. This 4x5 sheet of film would unfortunately go straight from the light table to the floor.

awesome, very relistic

thank you !

thank you my firend

thanks for the detailed information and for you comment

Looks awesome. The wall texture and DOF came out nice. Do you have any other architectural renders?

I like burn out window, you still can print it but not on inkjet printer. You can use The Printspace and print it as traditional photo so called c-type print. I think that cupboard under sink needs some tex, bump map only?

Congratulations, the best internal scene rendered in cycles that I see!

thank you countfrolic yes i have some works. you can check them from here;

thanks for the information again i will try it c-type print
yes i know it needs sum bump and tex. but i really couldnt detailed the scene cuz i didnt have much time. may be in another version of this scene i can play around with it

thank you renderviana !!!
it is not good at all but it is good for me that you like it. thanks again my friend !!

Nice render !

nice works on your blog mate!