Bathroom (Criticize me)

Hi. One of the first my renders. I am waiting for criticism, this will force me to grow in 3d visualization)
Var 1:

Var 2:

any comments?
Are all so bad?)

It’s very good for a first render.

I don’t have much to criticize, but the floor and cabinets could be just a little brighter. Also maybe add a window for some natural light. Other than that, it’s a great start.

The scale of objects seems a bit odd. The sink seems to be unusually high - is it around 110cm high? That would be terribly inconvenient even for a very tall person who then would not fit under the shower head. I would recommend finding some specific real world products to check the sizes. The towels seem to be made out of silk right now, they should have some usual towel furry look. The toilet seat seams a bit disproportionate as well - again I would recommend finding a real product for reference here(for the tap as well). The mat under the toilet seat seems to be intersecting with it. I would also recommend having some bevel on the cabinet pieces it’s usually around 1-2mm in reality, also there is usually around 2-4mm gap between drawers or cabinet door panels. The plinth could also be recessed a bit deeper - 10 cm or so. Space has a good reason to be there - the feet can be placed there eliminating the need to bend forward when the sink is used (it would off course need to be at a logical height first).

It’s a very good render. The camera angle seems unnatural.

I’ve make some changes)

What hits my eye immediately is the toilet seat. It’s waaaaayyy too small.

You’re right. I need to measure real toilet seat.

I think not only the toilet seat. Most of the objects still feel disproportionate to me.