Bathroom (interior problem)

As you can see, there’s very little “life” in this render. Admittedly it’s not a cycles render but I just can’t seem to get the lighting and material results that I really want.

try with a window and place a sun lamp pointing towards the bathroom

Are you using BI? It appears so, but I don’t want to assume. Just first glance, I would say your lighting is too bright because you have your lighting distance is turned up too high. Essentially, you want your distance to be fairly short. In real life, you get all of those nice subtleties in color, and those nice little AO shadows from the light beams bouncing off of objects.

It will also help if you add some variation in texture to the walls and ceiling.

@ Manorial & ampace

Thanks for those tips guys. The distance problem has really helped the look of the scene!
And yeah, I will probably add some blinds to the window and attempt a volumetric lighting effect through the blinds.