Bathroom Interior Series

Hi all, first, like always, sorry my english. I’m from spain

i want to show you a project of a bathroom series im working on.

I need feedback, focused critique and advices to improve my work.

Im having troubles to iluminated correctly my scenes.

This is one of my best for now.

Cycles> 5 hours rendertime 3000samples 3150x2047 px GTX580 3gbvram

Render without post

Render with a bit of post in blender compositor (color balance+depthoffield+glow)

The lights config is simple: Sun + plane with emision shader + spot over shower plate. Without environment light or hdri.
All modeled by me except barcelona chair.

In next days i will post other scenes…

Some Moderator can move this post to Focused Critique , please? sorry for the inconvenience

Hi again ¡¡

Some render test from another bathroom scene im working on

Wouldn’t there usually be a mirror above the wash basin?
As far as lighting, is the whole left wall supposed to be rough glass? I am assuming it is because it is quite bright. The problem is that if this is true, the whole wall would act as a secondary emitter, meaning you would not get the defined shadows you have (I think). The shadows just look wrong to me if the whole wall is rough glass.

Yes, is a window with emisión shader applied. Wath is the correct form to do that? Some suggestion?
And yes, the mirror over the wash basing… I forget it

I am not sure if there is a correct way, but usually any window, even if it is rough glass will show something of what’s behind it, even if it is extremely blurred. I think my problem with is it that it is too bright and uniform in color which, for me, makes it unrealistic, especially at the edges where it would normally be darker due to the frame.
When I use frosted glass (rough glass) I usually just use my standard glass shader and increase the roughness. Adding a texture behind the glass (HDRI or anything), would be good. Not sure really, I may need to to to the building store to look at frosted glass…

Yes, i khow wath are you trying to say me.Thanks
Here is the image i used to make my scene. I based my scenes in real photos( i think are real… ) trying to do the same.

Ok, i wll try to improve the first scene with your suggestions and other things…

Well, this is other scene im working and i need to improve lightning… im very frustated…

Render with 100 passes, 3000x2000 ±

The light config:
SUN: size 3cm Strenght: 2 -----WORLD: hdri Strenght: 5 ---------- Emitter Plane(window) Strenght:2

The Sun

The World:

The Emiter Plane in window:

And here is other render but without the emitter plane in window and change the hdri in world to white color:

Hi, another interior bathroom.

Please, give me advice ¡¡

I like those. I have only a question: who would like to have a shower that faces the outside like that?
I personally don’t like the displacment of the vases and the forniture of the sinks, the bottom part has something wrong in my opinion.

im having a huge impact in render time with two diferent texture. The texture are the same size but a slightly diferent colors. Why ?

Different render times with two textures the same size could be level of detail or how your using reflection/bump mapping… or it could be an RGB vs CMYK issue

Thanks MattyZ. I think was the bump.

Ok, Another bathroom. Finished…for now…

For the glass, since it is the bathroom, add a roughness (0.1 to 0.2 is good). If you subdivide the glass, you can give it some bands to keep some privacy…and you still get to see some of what is behind it to give more than just a flat wall. A quick render of what I mean…

Thanks BiggR.
Another work in progress

Finished i think…

Nice, but the area around the shower is going to get REALLY wet when someone takes a shower :wink:

You are right BiggR ¡¡ is on pourpose to see clearly the shower plate