Bathroom Interior

The finished render

Post any constructive criticism you have, or compliments :slight_smile:

Here is the composited version

A pretty nice bathroom scene… I think your porcelain needs more glossiness and I would suggest lowering the tub to actual ground level. Now I know some tubs are raised… like the real old fashioned kind, but I don’t think you have thst style going on.

Your modeling of the objects seems pretty good to me. For grins maybe you should experiment with a different color than the baby blue wall. Personally I think it would update the whole bathroom.

Thanks. I have been experimenting with colors on that wall but I couldn’t find the one that suited the scene, so I stuck with the blue. I agree on the tub, and I will probably fix the porcelain but I am rather new to the cycles material system(I just updated blender from 2.5), so I am not sure how I will go about that.

Are you currently using a diffuse and glossy node that feeds into a mix node? If so, play around with setting in the mix shader and also the roughness value in the glossy node. The mix node setting says how much diffuse vs how much glossy. The roughness setting on the glossy is going to control your reflections.

In my opinion the light fixture is way too “thick”…the pipes coming from the wall. Looks very heavy! In addition, you wouldn’t place a light fixture over the tub like that. It’d usually go over the mirror. You’d probably also want some tiles on the walls around the tub so water doesn’t get into the drywall.

I’m fine with the blue color; my real bathroom is a pale blue called Skylight and we think it looks fantastic.

Thanks for your input! I will be posting the improved version soon.

Finished with composite.