Now this is gonna be a WIP/Focused critique because I want to make this scene better! I still need to add rugs and towels and a bath tub but it’s getting there and if anyone could help me with lux that’d be great because right now I dont know how to add a background image so feel free to express your feelings towards my picture, thanks!

first one rendered for a hour, the second for 9 and a half, so disregard the grainyness :slight_smile:

Just while it’s in my mind, i don’t really know why there are two taps there. It seems to be a private bathroom, with one toilet, one shower but two taps. Any particular reason for this?

So far it looks nice, but the window should have a curtain on it :wink:

I can only speak for central europe, but it got rather common in bathroom design.
The bathroom for double taps has to be much bigger though. The tendency goes towards private wellness retreat. And rest assured they cost a fortune.
The basic idea is, that a couple can do their daily routine together.
Think of it that way. Couple, both successfull, they get up, grab a coffee and get ready for work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv or do some work they brought home, get ready for bed… rinse and repeat. Sounds reasonable? PAH!
Now the ones selling bathrooms tell us, we have barely time together and we can maximize it by using the bathroom at the same time. Ingineous, prey on the successful people with money, tell them they´ll life themselfes apart if they don´t spend a fortune to be able to brush their teeth together.
I think I do not need sarcasm tags for this one, do I?

Looks good, but the toilet is way to big.
If the person sitting on it would stand up he would have the bench with the sink just over his knees.
The room probably should be a little higher to… i just get a weird proportion feeling on things now.

Thanks for the input! And curtains are an amazing idea that never ever crossed my mind so thanks for that! sorry if that sounded sarcastic but i promise it wasn’t that actually is a really good idea :slight_smile: haha and no Arexma sarcasm tags are not necessary, I have a double tap because I guess that’s what I’m used to in a high-end bathroom and also I mean to expand it right now, I dont like the shower and I need room for a nice spa tub so I’m gonna make the room bigger so I may have more creativity

I love the granite counter top (how did you do that?)

I’m going to have to concur with Jakerlund. The toilet does look out of proportion. Another thing I noticed was how direct you are looking at the shower. It makes it look 2D. I don’t see any details in the shower either such as a shower head and handles, etc. Another think that struck me was the floor. The texture that you used looks a bit pixelated and stretched and seems out of place. It’s your call as to what to do there. I’d recommend going with a different tile. According to your appliances it looks like you’re going for a more modern-sleek look. Try white tile with a normal map to give it more definition. Or even a white wood. Heck, go all out and make part of it carpet. I’ve seen carpet in bathrooms before and in some instances it’s not bad. ONE final thing to really amp up the realism. Add some trim board to make a better transition from the floor to the walls so it’s not just a perfect 90 degree angle.

granite counter top was one of the pre-set textures in luxrender, pretty neat renderer i have to say. Haha and now I feel stupid cause i COMPLETELY forgot to put a shower head and handles in the shower. And I know about the tile, I didn’t see the pixelizaiton till I was a long way into the render so I’ll be thinkin bout that, and trim, definitely needed, I need to get a check list or something so I stop forgetting all this stuff!

Add hinges to your list; the third door from the camera specifically could use some.

Yeah since it was pointed out, I think the toilet is on the biggish side. I also think that the shower should be flush with the wall but thats just my opinion.

Apart from the things mentioned above, it seems to me that the windows are a bit odd. They are not recessed enough into the walls, giving the impression that the walls are only a few inches thick. Also, as often happens, people remember to put the wood between the panes of glass, but forget that there needs to be a larger frame around the outside of the window.- you cannot embed the glass into the wall!

Compositionally, why is there a window on both sides of a room only maybe 10 feet across?

Some kind of decoration on the right hand wall would help a little compositionally, especially if it has some bright colours.


When I first looked at the rendering I thought it’s a kitchen - high taps, shower looking as a fridge and glasses hanging from a ceiling.

The counter looks excellent but the cabinet front is all wrong. You need to add a toekick (cabinets don’t sit directly on the floor) and fix the doors. They are incorrectly sized and oddly shaped. Modern cabinets usually only have a 1/8" (or 3mm) reveal between the doors. Old style cabinets have face frames and more space between doors – but the spacing should be equal. You have a big blank space between two pairs of doors that makes no sense from a cabinetmakers perspective. It should be an easy fix though.

It’s possible that once you raise the cabinets, the toilet won’t look quite so tall.

I don’t know how to put this nicely, but the shower resembles a fridge…

Great job! :smiley: and btw I have 2 sinks in both of my bathrooms so that’s not a problem at all :wink: And really just out of curiosity do you know why luxrender applies the grainy effect? I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve noticed with others who use luxrender have the same result.

Luxrender is a nonbiased render engine, it’s never finished rendering because it can always improve. A person stops the rending when they think it’s rendered enough. Depending on the complexity of the image being rendered it can take longer or shorter amounts of time to lose the graininess which is really just parts of the scene that haven’t been completely rendered out yet, that’s where the graininess comes from.