Bathroom Modeling

Going through Andrew Price’s architecture tutorial right now.


Wip #1

It’s getting very close to the end. Still a lot of tweaks left to do.
Any critique is welcome :smiley:

The lantern model isn’t fully done

Nice work so far, can’t wait to see your finished render. No critiques yet.

Thanks man. I’ll be taking a break off Blender tomorrow. So more progress coming soon.

After a week off I’ve come back with a fresh mind. It’s definitely getting there. Critique as much as you want.

Decided to change the cabinet material to wood. It feels more pleasing to the eyes. Also added a few other items in the scene

Adjust a couple of the materials and am now working on the bathtub design.

I would adjust the light bounces for glossy, seems like it’s creating a lot of fireflies, especially on the floor