Bathroom : need a little cleaning

Hi, this is my last project, all made in Blender. I wanted to do a realistic bathroom. I had a lot of fun making this as realistic as I could. Cheers.


nice and clean !!!

Thank you for your comment Alf0. I add the real bathroom photo, the one that inspired my work, just for fun.

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which one is the original one !! ???

Very nice JPBlend. Love the strings coming off the towels, the used look of things and the hairs lol yuck.

Thank you very much CharMN, I said it needs a little cleaning :grin::rofl:

My first post (Bathroom final) is the CG and my second (Bathroom real) is the real photo :wink:. But thank you for asking it makes me happy !!!

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How do you make the water on the tap?! This is amazing, if I made this I would be very proud of myself!!!

Hi Noah_Pac thank you for your support :wink::grinning:. For the wet tap, there are 2 things : one on the node of the tap itself (with a poliigon texture) and the second trick are water drops (made with a cube deformed) with a simple node. here are the screens showing it. Cheers.

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Thank you soooo much for going out of your way to screenshot this!!