bathroom of mother in law

Hi guys! This is my first render, so be patient. :slight_smile:
It is the bathroom of my mother in law, so I didn’t changed anything. I think it’s not an artistic scene, but is an reproduction. I hope receive many critiques to improve my fun with Blender.

PS.: Is too hard make tests with an Athlon processor and my work is tooo slow…

Not much to critique, in my opinion:
i would change the camera position to a classic horizontal one at a lower height, camera focal lenght is ok;
it’s not clear from where is coming that light…is there a door/window at left?
Some objects seems like a little off with proportions: at example the handle of cabinet under the sink or the soap bottles.
Maybe try to balance better all those whites/blacks, but is not a easy thing with this kind of images :wink:

Thanks for comment!
I didn’t make many tests with the lights because of my processor. I’m not happy with these lights too… There are a light on ceiling, on window and coming of the same direction of the camera, where is a door.
I will keep it in mind for my next render. Thanks one more time!

Re-inventing the term “first render”? :smiley:

It looks very good and realistic. But it’s hard to find the hot spot of the image. Maybe there shouldn’t even be a hotspot.

Overally, I like this one. :slight_smile:

Thanks, downfall61!
When I am in real bathroom, with the lights on and during the day, it’s impossible to detect where the lights come from. I tried to make some different lights, but my processor didn’t leave. I wont to buy a GPU to fix that question on next render.

I would say all you need to do is take a picture of the sky on a cloudy day, then at a pretty good distance from the window in this scene, add a flat plate then put the picture of the sky you took, and set shaders on it to FLAT. Very easy on your hardware and time, and looks good. Also perhaps the lighting could use a little warming up. Some slight yellowing or blue in it should help. I don’t know, just my opinion. And you said you have several lights? Try only having the light coming in through the window, and one in the bathroom to help it glow, then turn up the intensity of the lights. But if that doesn’t help then go ahead and keep it.

Hey MetalGlass! I had a little issue with the reflection of the window on the mirror… and to fix that I should to render again. But there is a sky there, we only can’t see. srsrs
Just kidding, but I will put a sky in my next render, sure.
I appreciate your reply! :slight_smile: