Bathroom rendering (and others)

Hi, I’m quite new to blender and my first real project is this house and it’s interior.

Right now I’m working on the bathroom and I thought I’d try pushing blender internal to its limit, if possible I want to get photorealism (it’s not the tools but the user that counts right?). But I’m kinda stuck. I’ve been staring at it and tweaking all kinds of settings but it’s still miles away from the realism I want. In the bright pictures I didn’t use ao because it was getting too heavy for just testrenders, i rendered an ao pass seperately and I noticed i missed some serious soft shadows, but the ao from blender internal is kinda grainy. If I use only a sun it’s kinda nice but that’s no way to get light from the ceiling.Anyway, any thoughts?

Atm I’m using 4 spots and a sun. And also anyone got some tutorials on how I can visualise light (e.g. sunlight bloom when nearly in view)?

Thanks for reading.

Sorry double post but I could only attach 3 images. This one is just a sun.