Bathroom scene


I’m looking for honest and constructive criticism with regards to this piece of work. Nothing enormously complex: modelling of scene (including tiles), materials and texturing (including texture nodes, bump mapping), simple lighting, AO and minimal compositing (colour balance).

The original image was 1920 * 1080.

Anyways, constructive comments would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!


While the scene looks great and realistic, I really dislike the green heart, it doesn’t cover the whole thing, and it doesn’t make sense, it should be a mirror or medicine cabinet.

Second the bottom left is a green wall? Shouldn’t it be tiled?

and third it’s very empty, how about adding a towel rack to the top left of the toilet? with a towel on it, that would make it great.

None of this feedback should be viewed as negative or taken offense to, you did great, just needs some touch ups

Hi - thanks for the reply!

Thank you - it is in fact a mirror - I think I was going for the steamed up look, the other two walls are painted green (as in my own bathroom), but the steamed up thing hasn’t worked well. Adding a towel is a good idea - I might try that in a minute or two, and maybe I’ll scrap the heart thing.

No offense taken, much appreciated (:

Second render finally finished - took 45 minutes to render out this time (the towel’s 500000 particles didn’t help!). Went for a ring thing instead of a traditional pole-style rack, thought it might add more shape to a scene that is mostly straight lines already. Not sure about the towel, never modelled or textured one before, but it adds to the image.

Not bad, how about a bar of soap on the sink? Also a shower head in the shower and a drain cap on the floor of the shower. Then it’d be amazing.

What’s that blue thing on the left?

There’s a lot of details missing.
For example, what are you supposed to do in that shower if there’s no way for water to get in or out? :smiley:
Where are the toothbrushes, drawers? How is the water going into the toilet?

I see your points - thank you very much - more detail in the scene is needed. The other two walls are painted pale green, the mirror is supposed to reflect (no pun intended) this - perhaps some smaller objects would make this more obvious. I shall add details - and some pipes!

Another two or three alters, and this scene will be perfect!

Another thing - add a fluffy blue carpet :3

What is this scene for? why are you making it?

I’ll go ahead and assume it’s practice either for arch vis in general or bathroom brochure specifically…

In either case, composition and lighting are the BIG flaws here… then I’d say it’s the lack of observation for all the details that others are pointing out…

Arch vis or a brochure should be aspirational, they should sell us on a concept (like all product renders)…

It’s no accident that cans of cola or bottles of beer are often on beds of ice with condensation running down them… it helps us imagine how cold the contents are, how refreshing it’ll be to glug one down…

… and the colours are usually bold and appealing… they’re trying to get us to picture what it’d be like to have one right now…

In archvis a room with no windows or doors is just a box… we are drawn to natural light… having a door or window letting light from elsewhere into the bathroom can allow for more interesting lighting scheme here.

Sell us on the design features and have a greater sense of mood to make us feel good looking at your picture, to make us wish that we had a bathroom as inviting as that…

…On Composition…

this camera angle has no contrast…

Try and gt a stronger foreground, midground and background going on.

Perhaps there’s an occasional table in there with some shampoo/showergel or something more exotic…
Place that in the fore ground and large in the frame… have the other elements frame some mid ground stuff and perhaps a distant view out the window…

try adding steam and condensation, and be bolder with the tiles and colours… perhaps there’s a vase of flowers above the toilet or a Japanese air freshenre (with bamboo strips poking out the top of a sent bottle…)

Either can make interesting foreground objects for the closeup if a “product” would be too dominating…

Try getting some bathroom catalogs and researching what sort of compositions they use … not a component catalog obviously! more a brochure for companies that do bathroom design services…

Great work, man. Good move getting rid of the heart and adding the towel, but does the mirror really need to be green? Maybe some whitish frosted glass-like transparency would give a more realistic mist effect. The first thing that struck me as a little off is the center spotlight over the shower (maybe it’s a little low or something?) Also, the other suggestions such as adding a shower head/plug are quite essential. Hope this is helpful. Looks great otherwise!

Thanks for the further helpful feedback all (especially on the composition/camera/lighting since I find that the most difficult to get right) - I have reworked the scene somewhat, added more colour, more detail and have tried to improve the composition and even out the lighting - rendering now.

Finally finished that render: Version 3…

What an improvement! This looks fantastic. The only thing I can see wrong is the candle looks like a trash can. It’s huge!

The blue tiles don’t match with the green wall.

I think most of the porcelain objects and the walls could use some blurry reflections or at least a blurry environment map because they seem really “foamy” feeling like they are actually rough or clay-like.

That green wall also doesn’t make any sense to me. It looks like a plasterboard wall which wouldn’t be good in a bathroom because of condensation and rot (or perhaps that’s why its green?).


I see what you mean, the porcelain does look a little bland. On the tile colour, FreeMind, what would you recommend? A dark green would mean there is too much green, and I can’t see another colour working.

The green wall has been a source of controversy - this scene is in fact vaguely based on my bathroom (which has two tiled walls, two painted walls, a toilet, sink and a shower). I understand there is special paint used in bathrooms that prevents it from damage, but I couldn’t think of any way to get the “painted” effect, because if the decorator has done his job properly there shouldn’t be any visible brushstrokes or bumps, just a colour!