Bathroom Scene

Hello everyone!

This is an attempt to remodel a bathroom (from an existing product photography, done by the photostudio I worked with a while ago).

Please give suggestions to increase photorealism!

Rendered in Cycles (about 1h at 750 samples, 1800x1650px)

Hm, i would probably give the foor tiles a texture ( maybe marble ) to create a visual difference to the rest of the room ( all too white imo ). And maybe its also a good idea to make the balcony balustrade more transparent so you can see the BG picture through it.
Im not sure if the furniture piece with the towels on top fits the overall room design. ( in doubt i would leave it out and place the towels on the ground )
But all that said i really like this work already, keep up the good work payne :slight_smile:

very nice light feeling. i would say: amp up the darks. right now the darkest darks look to be about maybe 70%. find some places to add some 80- and 90% darks. keep them small to preserve the overall feeling of lightness, which is really working well. nice job! :slight_smile:

I agree that the floor could use some more texture. Not necessarily bump but some color variation. Could add water to the shower walls and doors.

Thanks for the kind answers and the great critique! It will be useful for future bathroom-projects :slight_smile:

The wooden table with the towels on top looks a bit too glossy and smooth, maybe you could give it a stronger bump or something.

Add a cute girl taking a shower and no one will notice the flaws. Instant photorealism… :evilgrin:

For photorealism I would suggest a reflecting/refracting door on the outside.