Im looking for some critiques before I do my final render. I will crank up the samples for the final one.
Thanks in advance!

That bad, huh :frowning:

Hi, @Tjaland,
My quick summary:
Models look good (except the toilet paper - too thick, try simpler model with textures and normal maps, instead of “roll” .
Also, try to focus the viewer’s attention on something, make it the central point.
I like the contrast between gray interior and more colored decor - plant, bottles. Good job on that.

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Thanks a lot!
I will definitely try re-doing the toilet paper, I totally get what you mean!
Got a great idea for the focus? What to focus on?

Again thanks for the feedback!

About focus: choose some part, which will tell a story - for example - who uses this bathroom (add an object like personalized towel, or fluffy slippers, or magazine). Then make it noticeable - add contrasting colors or light, or zoom on it.
Hope that helps.