This is meant to be a realistic project and an experiment with lighting. This project is the first I’ve done to be realistic. Here is 2 day’s work on the basic beginnings with very little texturing. The toilet is unfinished and the tile floor is done except for texturing. Here is the .blend file:


Here is an update:

  • Added rough walls
  • Added Molding
  • Added little bowl on toilet
  • Update on toilet (logo and thing on bottom)
  • Fixed hinges so the seat rotates on the hinge

The .blend file in the first post has the updates in it.

Could you show us a render?

Here is a render with some material tweaks and an up date on the toilet.

Here are some of the texturing details:

Any suggestions on lighting? Thanks.

Why is everyone making bathrooms at the moment?!:confused:

Was it modelled from your bog?. it looks to flat at the frunt.

The render looks very noisy. If you’re using ao increase the samples.

The front of the bowl looks flat instead of rounded. Perhaps it’s a lighting issue. Even if the front is rounded and the flat appearance is a lighting issue, the bowl looks much too wide.

Check some websites that sell such things. They may have orthographic dimensional drawings you could use.

Also, there is not yet a base. Every toilet I’ve seen has a flat base to keep it from tipping from side to side.

Keep working- it’s a good start.

About the base, This was the type of toilet base I was going for.


  • Toilet front more round
  • Increased sampling to 8
  • Started window
  • Added ray mirror to toilet
  • Made base a bit wider

BTW, does anyone know how to make an object translucent.

To do:

  • Fix Camera Angle
  • Make window Shade translucent
  • Get a picture of outside scene for behind window
  • Finish window modeling
  • Make better chrome for the flushing leverP.S. The .blend file in the first post keeps updating.

Also the bowl being wide is because of the perspective.

Here is a top down view:

the bowl looks far to long. it doesn’t seem to be designed for humans?

just turn raytransp on for the window material. then set the alpha slider to 50% ish.

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Downloaded your .blend… looks pretty good, I think this’ll come along very nicely. Keep going

Looking at the picture you supplied- the bowl should be long and narrow not short and wide and the base should be just almost as wide as the top of the bowl.

Looking at the last top view image of your model- the outer edges of the tank are roughly along one of the tile lines. If you narrowed the bowl so its widest dimension of the bowl lay on the next set of tile lines in, I think you would be on the right track.

Ha ha ha!

Yea, I agree with hessiess


I was just looking at the base of the picture I gave.

Looking pretty good so far.

This is a good tutorial for transparency, and I have it bookmarked because it also has a nice IoR list.

Transparency and IOR list

is this what you wanted with the window?
its starting to look good now. the frunt looks kinda flat agen…

monky used to test transparancy


To hessiess:
That is pretty good but I was looking for more of just colors of an outdoor scene and not clear edges at all. I got it pretty good by myself. Thanks for helping. I might try just blurring the background scene behind the window heavily.

not sure what your looking for but have you tried hdri lighting for more realism?
might be worth a shot.

Here is an update:

  • Major Texture Update (walls, tiles, toilet)
  • Major Lighting Update

I will start to update less often (work for a few days then post an update)

To do list:

  • UV map bowl
  • Fix shade color
  • Add Shades pull cord
  • Fix the spotlight effect on the top of the walls
    Here is the WIP website:
    Bathroom WIP

I’m going to call this finished.

The Full Size is AO, and the posted image is not.

Full Sized (1280 X 1024)

Nice Pic, but… no toilet paper? :eyebrowlift2:

Let natural light in, with an emitting plane from the window and maybe a sun too.