Made this bathroom in class today. Basically just versing my friend in creating a toilet (me in blender, him in c4d). He got to the bowl of the toilet and gave up, i made half a bathroom… blender pwns.

anyway, rendering it in YafRay, basically need to know if anyone knows why my transparent glass (the thing that will eventually be a shower on the very right) is casting a shadow… I turned on ‘shadburf’ whatever that means, but still no good. any help would be appreciated thnx.


You need to select the back wall and press “TraShad” in the materials section. This will alow the back wall to recive transparent shadows like the one that the glass should be casting.
Also, your toilet looks too big in contrast to the rest of the things in the bathroom. (Can you imagine sitting down on the toilet and having to rip off tiny pieces of toilet paper?)

I think the toilet does need scaling down a littel but also the mirror and sink look far too low down. Try standing next to a toilet or shower and thinking about where that size mirror would be on your wall.

Really like the models though, the walls and floor look really nice. Goodwork.

Hmm, didn’t work out too well. I think I’ll play around with different lighting/materials tomorrow.
Thnx for your advice on the toilet though, I’ve already made it smaller. Going to bed now, I’m leaving blender to render a 3 second animation of it though. (just made the glass untraceable for the moment)

@LouisB: Yeah now that you mention it the sink and mirror do look far too small and yes, i’ve scaled down the toilet. Anyway, this bathroom was just something I made in class serving no real purpose but to destroy my c4d friend, so I really didn’t have any idea of what it would look like before starting it.

I think, given the scale of the room, the toilet is right, the toilet paper holder is too small and the mirror/sink is too low. As it is, it seems like a fairly large, fairly empty room (given the camera location) and making the toilet smaller would just heighten this effect. In fact, unless the shower door opens toward the sink, there’s no reason for the three foot gap between the shower stall and the sink.

Materials look great, though. Blender rocks. Is your friend going to switch?

“Materials look great, though.” - Cool, this experiment has pretty much turned into an experiment of YafRay. I’m not really trying to make a practical bathroom, I just got a bit carried away.

I rendered an animation of it last night:

(youtube manages to make everything look terrible)