This scene is from the choasgroup forums. I cant take credit for it, but I am trying it out in blender and yafray.

Any yafray guys here who can help me get better smoother contact shadows, and photons? Without excessive times?


settings for those interested :slight_smile:

photons: 8000000
prec: 10
ref 0.020
radius: 0.3

This is fantastic work, i feel like i could use the shower or pull on the toilet paper hehehe :smiley:

Started adding the details. Here’s the sink.


Sorry I am a bit confused. The intial scene you did not do but your rendering it in Blender with Yafray for test?

Holy canola oil! That looks amazing!

Its a scene on the chaos forums. I use lightwave, but lately I have grown tired of the growing pains. So I decided to get to know blender better.

So my main concern is rendering since I love lightwave’s renderrer. Sofar I am more than impressed I am only worried that yafray is standing still.

I am posting to get tips, hints, crits and the like. At this stage I cant get noise free reflective mats. Any ideas?

Oh man, this one SCREAMS to be rendered with Indigo. :wink:

Looks fantastic. My one big crit is that all the wood textures look too… Flat.

Well I dont really follow the Indigo forums, but there is a guy doing test with the same scene, just do a search for kray vs indigo vs vray, and you’ll find it.

I dont think Indigo will be a match at 8 mins for this render! hehe

Ja the wood is pretty flat, but on a closer look at high res it looks allright. Could make it more spec maybe. I am thinking this wood is not real wood at all, instead more something like a laminate?

Hmmm, maybe I could try to position the texture better. I think I’ll have a look. It looks a bit stretched or something. Thanks

ok I know this thread is old, but I recently tried AO in blender too see if I could get a smiliar look going. What do you think?


Actually it’s screaming to be rendered in vray, that’s what its meant for anyway :slight_smile:

Actually yafray did a very good job. :smiley:


The towel is too flat =/

mesh or materials ?

I think it’s both.

I dont think so. The towels on the left look a little odd for me, but then as you have read I did not model them, the towel right looks 100% too me, and has some nice fur going. hmmmm supersoft.:eyebrowlift: Besides thanks for the crit but I am more interested in any light observations you might have. It’s just a test too show what is still possible with a great renderer called yafray, and too me it’s pretty close to the vray render. What about the internal AO render, ant thoughts on how it can be improved ? Blenders AO feels really slow to me, maybe it’s quicker to all white my scene and render the AO as a pass for composite ?